Denny Osburn
is an Emmy and multi-award-winning composer, multi-instrumentalist, 
multi-stylist, performer, engineer/editor, and producer. 

A career musician that’s been performing since the early 1970’s,   Denny has toured the country with national acts, countless bands and musical groups, performing on different instruments in all styles of music from country to jazz to rock to bluegrass to blues. 

Besides being the hired-in “session-player” on artists CD projects at local recording studios, Denny composes jingles and background music for television & radio commercials, and  corporate video productions, local and national. 

Most of Denny's appearances lately are studio-related. ​These days, if you're a senior citizen living in a retirement community, you're more likely to see him perform live than you are if you're a drunken customer in a local bar.